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Leveraging the capabilities of Drilling Simulators

Developed to train and assess Drillers and Supervisors in IADC Wellcap / IWCF Well Control Accreditation, the capabilities of modern Drilling Simulators  can be leveraged to deliver a variety of training and assessment experiences.

Welltrain is a world leader in the deployment of advanced Drilling Simulators to maximise the effectiveness of Drilling Operations training in general and Well Control training specifically.  We have more than 25 years of experience in the programming of the family of simulators produced by Drilling Systems Ltd.


DWoS - Drilling the Well on a Simulator

This powerful range of simulators can also be used for general Drilling Operations training as well as subsea / deepwater rig operations including advanced pipe handling, riser management, BOP installation and Dynamic Positioning management including Emergency Disconnect training.   The simulators are also highly effective for Stuck Pipe prevention and Jar Operations training.


Welltrain  can develop Well Control scenarios for all well and rig types including  Deepwater and HPHT operations (with or without MPD). We can also develop training scenarios for stuck pipe and general pipe handling.


If you have a simulator and need programming expertise, this can often be delivered remotely.


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DWoS - Advanced Well Control Training

Modern high-fidelity Drilling and Pipe Handling Simulators have  proved a very effective basis for advanced well control courses including:

  • Off Bottom Well Control (including Combined Volumetric / Stripping procedure)

  • HPHT Well Control

  • Deepwater Well Control

  • Managed Pressure Drilling

  • Extended Reach and Horizontal Well Control


The simulator can be programmed to reflect the rig operating parameters and well characteristics.  Courses can be generic or focused on a specific well.  This allows the crew to practice response to identified threats; providing evidence to regulators that risks have been identified and managed to a level as low as reasonably practicable.

With an increased emphasis on  permanently installed instrumentation on rigs and the tie-in to them by Mud Logging companies using WITSML protocol it should soon be possible for  Mud Logging companies to take a feed from the simulator to drive their mud logging software. This would enhance their input into critical well planning workshops.

DWoS - Rig Start Ups

  • Got a new or re-mobilised rig?

  • Want to develop a high reliability wellsite well-delivery team?

  • Want to optimise operational efficiency from the start?

  • Prefer to make those expensive “first well” mistakes on a simulator rather than your well?


The Answer?  Drill that first Well on a Simulator (at a tiny fraction of the day rate!)



The first well drilled by a rig after mobilisation is notorious for poor performance.  Non-Productive time, both unmissable as well as hidden can be disproportionately severe as the wellsite team familiarises itself with the operational procedures, rig equipment, each other, and interaction with service company personnel and equipment. 


Using your well and rig modelled on a Drilling Simulator, we can develop and deliver a 2-3 day event that will expose your team to well-specific operational challenges that can include well control, wellbore integrity, losses, wellbore breathing, casing running,  cementing, tripping …essentially any aspect of the well that you wish to focus on.  It is a logical compliment to a DWOP workshop and we encourage attendance of our simulation coach at DWOP events where these events are being combined.

By exposing the rig team to the well, the procedures, the equipment…and each other …before operations commence many of these issues can be avoided at full day rate.

Operator, drilling contractor and key service company personnel working together on the simulator can start to build a high reliability wellsite team even before the rig goes on contract.  It also provides an ideal practical focus for Human Factors training.

DWoS - Managed Pressure Drilling

Drilling Systems simulators can be supplied with an MPD emulation (Surface and Subsea BOPs). 

Some MPD Control Systems can be interfaced with the Drilling system drilling simulator.   This allows the MPD control system to manage the MPD choke and thus control Bottom Hole Pressure.


DWoS - Drilling the Well on a Simulator provides a range of functionality for Managed Pressure Drilling. 

  • Rig Team familiarisation with MPD Control Systems

  • Testing practicality of MPD plans (e.g. can BHP be controlled within the required operating window?

  • Testing of well-specific MPD Procedures (Operations, Well Control and Contingency)

  • Function Testing MPD Control System software

  • Assessing competence of MPD Operators

  • Refresher Training for rig teams returning to MPD Operations

Simulator based MPD workshops have already proved an absolutely essential step in the preparation for MPD operations. 

Welltrain have designed, programmed and delivered MPD DWoS sessions for Jackup, Semi-Submersible and Deepwater Drillship Drilling Operations in a wide range of Operating Environments.

DWoS - Structured Development of Practical Experience

The rig site where everything happens!

Rig assignments for new hires and development trainees give random exposure to drilling operations and only those unplanned events that actually happen.  The exposure is often diluted by uneventful routine operations as well as waiting on weather etc.   Simulator training can guarantee exposure to both planned activities  and unplanned events in a concentrated period.  This saves time and cost in the development of trainees and assures that all elements have been covered.  


High fidelity surface and sub-surface graphics combined with sophisticated downhole hydraulic and mechanical modelling enables a wide range of experience and exposure to be developed including:

  • Virtual Rig Visits - Hazard Identification and Management

  • STOP Work Authorisation Training

  • Drilling Optimisation

  • Trip Management

  • Casing Running

  • Cementing Operations

  • Stuck Pipe and Jarring

  • Loss Management and Wellbore Breathing

  • Well Control - on bottom and off bottom

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