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Operational Planning Courses

Listed below are some of the Operational Planning  training courses available from Welltrain.   Courses can always be tailored to meet your specific needs; in terms of location, timing and technical content

Deepwater Drilling Operations

Classroom based with  / without Simulator

Suitable for: Can be tailored as required

Covers deepwater drilling operations including:

  • Deepwater drilling challenges
  • Rig design and selection
  • Well control equipment
  • Deepwater well control
  • DP Operations and Emergency Disconnect
  • Thermal effects and Hydrates
  • Fingerprinting

This course can be tailored to Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced levels, focused at participants from all backgrounds through to senior Operational Supervisors from Drilling contractor, Service Company or Operator

HPHT Drilling Operations

Classroom based with Well Control Simulator

Suitable for: Can be tailored as required

This course addresses the operational challenges of drilling HPHT wells. The course is typically focused on a specific rig and well project and facilitates team building among rigsite personnel.Using a blend of theory, practical exercises and drilling simulator sessions, the following aspects are covered:

  • the HPHT environment
  • well specific operational challenges
  • on-bottom well control refresher
  • trip management and off bottom well control
  • Well Control Equipment for HPHT operations
  • HPHT drilling practices
  • Thermal effects and fingerprinting

Rig Team Building

Classroom based with Drilling Simulator

Suitable for: Wellsite well construction teams

Starting up a new rig is always a challenge for both Drilling Contractor and Operator.  This is made even more challenging in deepwater and / or HPHT operations.  


Integrating all members of the rig site well construction family  into a cohesive and effective team is critical for delivering early performance on any project.


Welltrain's coaches and facilitators have decades of practical rigsite experience combined with expertise in operational training and well control simulation.  These are combined to develop team building events focused on the specific rig operating characteristics and well challenges using a blend of theory and drilling simulation exercises.

Advanced Well Control

Classroom based with Well Control Simulator

Suitable for: Experienced Drilling Contractor and Operator personel

Taking Well control beyond IWCF / IADC WellCAP - this is a course aimed at the Rigsite Operating Team, usually delivered in the run up to a specific Well Project.   Ideal for team building, the course makes heavy use of Drilling Simulators configured to model the project's rig and well.  With a blend of well control theory and simulation, the coach refreshes well control theory and practice.  In addition to convention well control the course also addresses:

  • Trip management
  • Well Control Equipment capability
  • Off bottom well control (Volumetric and Combined Volumetric/ Stripping techniques)
  • Kicks and Losses
  • Gas Solubility in Oil based muds
  • Ballooning / Wellbore Breathing
  • Well Control Quality Assurance
  • Well Control Command and Control

Combined Volumetric / Stripping Operations

Classroom based with Drilling Simulator

Suitable for: Office staff and Drillcrew

Developed by Shell in 1986, the Combined Volumetric / Stripping technique is a highly effective method of getting back to bottom after a kick has been taken with the bit either off bottom or even out of the hole.  It is a technique every rig team should have in it's well control armory - but it needs to be practiced for it to be effective.

By combining the "Volumetric Method" for managing the migration of a gas influx with a technique for controlling surge pressure while stripping the drillstring back into the hole, this technique ffer the best way of getting the bit back to bottom without excessive increases or decreases in wellbore pressure.


This course introduces the rig team to the technique and then provides an effective way of practicing it using a Drilling Simulator.   The course can be delivered using a range of drilling simulators from small portable devices to full scale Pipe Handling simulators.

Casing Design

Classroom based with / without Casing Design Software (e.g. Stresscheck)

Suitable for: Well Engineers (Graduate / Entry Level)

Designed for an Engineer with a working knowledge of drilling operations, this course introduces the participant to all elements of Casing Design.   The course includes:

  • Functions of Casing
  • Casing Seat Selection and Kick Tolerance
  • Oilfield tubular manufacturing and tolerances (API Spec 5CT / ISO 11960)
  • Strength of Tubulars (API Bulletin 5C3 and ISO/TR 10400)
  • Design and Safety Factors
  • Pressure and mechanical loads
  • API Biaxial collapse and triaxial burst calculations
  • Material Selection (incl ISO 15156 – Materials for use in Sour Service)
  • Casing Wear and Corrosion - prediction, mitigation and assessment
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