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Wellsite Well Control Coaching


Targeted and Just-In-time training delivered in the field.   Welltrain's well control coaches, combined with the rig and well modelled on a portable drilling simulator, are able to raise the focus on both Well Control and general driling operations on your drilling project.


Typically focused on critical well operations including Deepwater and/or HPHT wells, Wildcat Exploration wells etc, well control coaching can assist in the well control competency assurance process for the principal players at the wellsite from both Drilling Contractor and Operator.  


Welltrain's coaches have decades of rigsite operational experience as both Drilling Contract Toolpushers and Operator Drilling Supervisors.   This is combined with training expertise and drilling simulator management.   As the well is drilled, the simulator model is updated so that forthcoming critical operations can be rehearsed and response to potential hazards can be practiced.


Wellsite coaching has most commonly been deployed in conjunction with classroom based  team building exercises in the run up to a critical project.


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