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HAZOP Facilitation

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A HAZOP study is a well-proven structured team-based method for hazard identification.  The technique makes detailed examination of the process and engineering intention of new or existing facilities to assess the hazard potential of operation outside the design intention, or malfunction of individual items of equipment and their consequential effects on the facility as a whole.

Comprehensive hazard identification is the cornerstone of effective risk management since, if a hazard has not been identified, measures cannot be put in place to mitigate the risk


 A successful HAZOP is dependent on the competence of the people in the room to ensure all causes of undesirable conditions can be identified. For a Well Delivery project, for example, implementation of Managed Pressure Drilling, a core team would typically include personnel from the Operator, Drilling Contractor and Third-Party Service Providers.   


A critical success factor for an effective HAZOP workshop is excellent facilitation.   Welltrain provides independent HAZOP facilitation using experienced Well Engineers.  This role requires a blend of subject matter expertise, time management and , at times,  diplomacy to ensure the process is adhered to.

Welltrain is experienced in the facilitation of HAZOP Workshops, ensuring that results are captured in a hazard log or hazard tracking system for easy translation into a post workshop action plan.

Welltrain facilitated HAZOP workshops ensure the effective engagement and input of all stakeholders, produce coherent and practical action plans, and minimise the risks to project cost and schedule.

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