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HAZID Facilitation

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A HAZID study is a tool for hazard identification used early in a project.  A structured brainstorming technique, it typically involves the Operator , Drilling Contractor and Service Company personnel depending on the project.  It is particularly applicable to MPD projects where third party equipment is to be deployed to the rig.  The major findings and hazard risk ratings help to deliver HSE compliance, and form part of the project Risk Register required by many licensing authorities and corporate standards.


HAZID Workshops can be conducted at all stages of the Well Delivery Lifecycle to identify potential hazards associated with the well delivery process.  A formal and adequately structured HAZID is a critical stage of the development of a project Safety Case.  It ensures that all hazards are identified and thus assures that appropriate control measures are implemented  to either eliminate them, or reduce their risk to a level that is acceptable.

Welltrain is experienced in the facilitation of HAZID Workshops, ensuring that results are captured in a hazard log or hazard tracking system for easy translation into a post workshop action plan.


Welltrain facilitated HAZID workshops ensure the effective engagement and input of all stakeholders, produce coherent and practical action plans, and minimise the risks to project cost and schedule.

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