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Managed Pressure Drilling Operations

Event Type
Aimed at
Drill the Well on a Simulator Workshop
3-5 days

Well or Project-specific MPD Rig Well Delivery Teams

  • Operator Drilling Supervisors and Drilling Engineers

  • Drilling Contractor TPs, Drillers and ADs

  • Mud Loggers,  Mud Engineers, Directional Drillers

Drilling Contractor Drillers, MPD Toolpushers and MPD Operators 


MPD Service Provider Field Personnel

Graduate Well Engineers( as part of Accelerated Rig Experience)

Test the application of Managed Pressure Drilling in your Well on a Simulator

Drilling Systems simulators can be supplied with an MPD emulation (Surface and Subsea BOPs). 

Some MPD Control Systems can be interfaced with the Drilling system drilling simulator.   This allows the MPD control system to manage the MPD choke and thus control Bottom Hole Pressure.


DWoS - Drilling the Well on a Simulator provides a range of functionality for Managed Pressure Drilling. 

  • Rig Team familiarisation with MPD Control Systems

  • Testing practicality of MPD plans (e.g. can BHP be controlled within the required operating window?

  • Testing of well-specific MPD Procedures (Operations, Well Control and Contingency)

  • Function Testing MPD Control System software

  • Assessing competence of MPD Operators

  • Refresher Training for rig teams returning to MPD Operations

Simulator based MPD workshops have already proved an absolutely essential step in the preparation for MPD operations. 

Welltrain have designed, programmed and delivered MPD DWoS sessions for Jackup, Semi-Submersible and Deepwater Drillship Drilling Operations in a wide range of Operating Environments.

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