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Deepwater Drilling Operations

Event Type
Aimed at
Drill the Well on a Simulator Workshop
3-5 days

Well or Project-specific Deepwater Rig Well Delivery Teams

  • Operator Drilling Supervisors and Drilling Engineers

  • Drilling Contractor TPs, Drillers and ADs

  • Mud Loggers,  Mud Engineers, Directional Drillers

Graduate Well Engineers( as part of Accelerated Rig Experience)

Drill your Deepwater Well on a Simulator


This DWoS workshop addresses the operational challenges of drilling Deepwater wells. The workshop is typically focused on a specific rig and well project and facilitates team building among rigsite personnel.Covers deepwater drilling operations including:

  • Deepwater drilling challenges

  • Rig design and selection

  • Well control equipment

  • Deepwater well control

  • DP Operations and Emergency Disconnect

  • Thermal effects and Hydrates

  • Fingerprinting

This course can be tailored to Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced levels, focused at participants from all backgrounds through to senior Operational Supervisors from Drilling contractor, Service Company or Operator

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