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Advanced Well Control

Event Type
Aimed at
Drill the Well on a Simulator Workshop
3-5 days

Rig Well Delivery Teams

  • Operator Drilling Supervisors and Drilling Engineers

  • Drilling Contractor TPs, Drillers and ADs

  • Mud Loggers,  Mud Engineers, Directional Drillers

Graduate Well Engineers( as part of Accelerated Rig Experience)

Drill your Critical Well on a Simulator

Taking Well control beyond IWCF / IADC WellCAP - this is a DWoS workshop aimed at the Rigsite Operating Team, usually delivered in the run up to a specific Well Project.   Ideal for team building, the course makes heavy use of Drilling Simulators configured to model the project's rig and well.


With a blend of well control theory and simulation, the coach refreshes well control theory and practice.  In addition to convention well control the course also addresses:

  • Trip management

  • Well Control Equipment capability

  • Off bottom well control (Volumetric and Combined Volumetric/ Stripping techniques)

  • Kicks and Losses

  • Gas Solubility in Oil based muds

  • Ballooning / Wellbore Breathing

  • Well Control Quality Assurance

  • Well Control Command and Control

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