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Combined Volumetric / Stripping Operations

Event Type
Aimed at
Drill the Well on a Simulator Workshop
3 days

Rig Well Delivery Teams

  • Operator Drilling Supervisors and Drilling Engineers

  • Drilling Contractor TPs, Drillers and ADs

  • Mud Loggers,  Mud Engineers, Directional Drillers

Graduate Well Engineers( as part of Accelerated Rig Experience)

Developed by Shell in 1986, the Combined Volumetric / Stripping technique is a highly effective method of getting back to bottom after a kick has been taken with the bit either off bottom or even out of the hole.  It is a technique every rig team should have in it's well control armory - but it needs to be practiced for it to be effective.

By combining the "Volumetric Method" for managing the migration of a gas influx with a technique for controlling surge pressure while stripping the drillstring back into the hole, this technique ffer the best way of getting the bit back to bottom without excessive increases or decreases in wellbore pressure.


This course introduces the rig team to the technique and then provides an effective way of practicing it using a Drilling Simulator.   The course can be delivered using a range of drilling simulators from small portable devices to full scale Pipe Handling simulators.

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