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Scenario Based Rig Start-Up

Event Type
Aimed at
Drill the Well on a Simulator Workshop
3-5 days

Rig Teams on rigs coming from:

  • shipyard (newbuilds and upgrades)

  • mobilisation from cold or warm stack

  • returning to drilling from well intervention and abandonment work

Integrated well delivery teams (Contractor drillers, TPs etc, Operator Drilling Supervisors) on newly contracted rigs

  • Got a new or re-mobilised rig?

  • What to develop a high reliability wellsite well-delivery team?

  • Want to optimise operational efficiency from the start?

  • Prefer to make those expensive “first well” mistakes on a simulator rather than your well?


The Answer?  Drill that first Well on a Simulator (at a tiny fraction of the day rate!)



Starting up a new rig is always a challenge for both Drilling Contractor and Operator.  This is made even more challenging in deepwater and / or HPHT operations.   The first well drilled by a rig after mobilisation is notorious for poor performance. 


Non-Productive time, both unmissable as well as hidden can be disproportionately severe as the wellsite team familiarises itself with the operational procedures, rig equipment, each other, and interaction with service company personnel and equipment.  By exposing the rig team to the well, the procedures, the equipment…and each other …before operations commence many of these issues can be avoided at full day rate.

What can we deliver?

Using your well and rig modelled on a portable medium fidelity simulator such as the DS-50, our Well Simulation Service provides a 2-3 day event in a conventional training environment that will expose your team to well-specific operational challenges that can include well control, wellbore integrity, losses, wellbore breathing, casing running,  cementing, tripping …essentially any aspect of the well that you wish to focus on. 

Integrating all members of the rig site well construction family  into a cohesive and effective team is critical for delivering early performance on any project.

It is a logical compliment to a DWOP workshop and we encourage attendance of our simulation coach at DWOP events where these events are being combined.

Operator, drilling contractor and key service company personnel working together on the simulator can start to build a high reliability wellsite team even before the rig goes on contract.  It also provides an ideal practical focus for Human Factors training.

HPHT and Managed Pressure Drilling Operational training can be integrated into Well Simulations, however these usually require a longer event; blending theoretical training with practical simulation.

High fidelity pipe handling simulators ranging from the semi-portable  DS-60 right through to full scale DS-6000 simulators  can be used to familiarise personnel with industry standard pipe handling systems.   


Welltrain's coaches and facilitators have decades of practical rigsite experience combined with expertise in operational training and well control simulation.  These are combined to develop team building events focused on the specific rig operating characteristics and well challenges using a blend of theory and drilling simulation exercises.

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