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MPD Design and Engineering

Event Type
Aimed at
Training Course
5 days

This course is intended for personnel directly or indirectly involved in the design and implementation of Managed Pressure Drilling Techniques.   It is particularly suited to :

  • Well Design Engineers

  • Completions Design Engineers

  • Drilling Operations Supervision:  Operator Rig Superintendents, Drilling Contractor Rig Managers and Senior Offshore personnel (OIMs,  Toolpushers etc)

  • Production Technologists and other asset stakeholders

Managed Pressure Drilling is a key enabler to drill challenging wells, be they Narrow Margin, HPHT, Deepwater or depleted.  In particular, MPD equipment installed at the top of a deepwater drilling riser can mitigate the risk of gas breakout in the riser.  The use of MPD can deliver early kick detection and influx volume limitations that generates opportunities to optimise well design.

This course addresses wells using the full range of Managed Pressure Drilling Techniques.  These include :

  • Air / Mist Drilling

  • Riserless Mud Recovery

  • Dual Gradient Drilling (FMCD / PMCD / NCD etc)

  • Managed Riser Level Drilling

  • Dynamic Annular Pressure Management


The focus of the course is candidate selection for MPD applications, well design customisation and MPD Project planning.  Subjects covered include:

  • MPD Techniques – Description, Advantages and Limitations

  • MPD Well Classification

  • MPD Candidate Selection

  • The Business Case for Managed Pressure Drilling

  • Well Design Optimisation Opportunities

  • MPD Equipment

  • MPD System configurations & best practises

  • Rig Selection and MPD Integration

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