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Advanced Casing and Tubing Design

Event Type
Aimed at
Training Course
5 days

Experienced Drilling or Completions Engineer

Designed for an Engineer with a working knowledge of drilling operations, this course expands on a basic knowledge of Casing Design to cover all elements of Casing and Tubing Stress Analysis.  


The course includes:

  • Advanced Casing Seat Selection and Kick Tolerance

  • Oilfield tubular manufacturing and tolerances (API Spec 5CT / ISO 11960)

  • Strength of Tubulars (API Bulletin 5C3 and ISO/TR 10400)

  • High Collapse Strength Tubulars - Fact or Fiction?

  • Buckling Resistance

  • Qualification of Connections (ISO 13679)

  • Design and Safety Factors

  • Service Loads - Impact of Production, Injection and Stimulation

  • Installation Loads and Adjusted Axial Loads

  • API Biaxial collapse analysis for combined collapse and tensile loading

  • Application of Von Mises Triaxial Stress Analysis for combined tensile and burst loading

  • Material Selection (incl ISO 15156 – Materials for use in Sour Service)

  • Tubing Stress Analysis for Completions

  • Casing Wear and Corrosion - prediction, mitigation and assessment

  • HPHT and Deepwater design considerations

  • Casing Design Software

  • Impact of Top of Cement

  • Quality Assurance while running Tubulars

  • Pressure Testing - Rationale and Reality

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