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Accelerated Rig Experience

Event Type
Aimed at
Training Scheme
5-10 days
  • Graduate Entry Level Engineer

  • Driller and Above

The rig site where everything happens!

Rig assignments for new hires and development trainees give random exposure to drilling operations and only those unplanned events that actually happen.  The exposure is often diluted by uneventful routine operations as well as waiting on weather etc.  


Simulator training can guarantee exposure to both planned activities  and unplanned events in a concentrated period.  This saves time and cost in the development of trainees and assures that all elements have been covered.  


High fidelity surface and sub-surface graphics combined with sophisticated downhole hydraulic and mechanical modelling enables a wide range of experience and exposure to be developed including:

  • Virtual Rig Visits - Hazard Identification and Management

  • STOP Work Authorisation Training

  • Drilling Optimisation

  • Trip Management

  • Casing Running

  • Casing and Liner Cementing Operations

  • Stuck Pipe and Jarring

  • Loss Management and Wellbore Breathing

  • Well Control - on bottom and off bottom

  • Managed Pressure Drilling

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