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Practical Well Control

Event Type
Aimed at
Training Course
4-5 days
  • Derrickman and Above

  • Graduate Entry Level Engineer

Welltrain's Practical Well Control course leverages the power of modern Drilling Simulators to train participants in the principals and practises of well control.  It focuses on operational practises that actually work and blows away much of the mystique and misunderstanding about well control on the rig.

The course can be tailored to focus on just surface or sub-sea well control systems or both.

A large proportion of the course is spent on a drilling simulator so participant numbers are restricted.

The course addresses the following subjects

  • Primary and Secondary Well Control

  • Barrier Management and Ownership

  • Causes of Kicks - Induced and Encountered

  • Trip Planning and Management

  • Kick Detection

  • Secondary Well Control Techniques

  • Off-bottom Well Control

  • Combined Volumetric / Stripping Process

  • Kicks and Losses

  • Management of Underground Blowouts

The course can be a useful alternative development path for delegates who have perhaps struggled to pass IWCF or IADC Certification classes.  

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