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Drillstring Design

Event Type
Aimed at
Training Course
3-4 days
  • Graduate Entry Level Engineer

  • Assistant Driller and above

This course covers all aspects of drillstring design with a particular focus on drillstring failure prevention. 

Subjects covered include:

  • Mechanical Properties of Steel

  • Buoyancy - Axial Forces and Buckling

  • Drillpipe Specifications, Classification & Identification (API Specification 5CT and NS-1)

  • Drillstring Operating Limits (AP Bulletin  5C2)

  • Drillstring Tension Design  Standards and Guidelines (API Recomended Practise 7G, NS-3)

  • Drillstring Design based on Margin of Overpull,

  • Drillstring Selection based on Collapse, Burst and Torsion Design

  • Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) Selection and Design

  • Bending Strength Ratio – Stiffness Ratio – Stress Relief Features

  • BHA Design for Directional Drilling Applications

  • Drillstring Dynamics - Vibration analysis and prevention

  • Drill String Failure Modes and Prevention

  • Drillstring Inspection standards (API RP 7G-2, DS-1, NS-2).


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