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Accelerated Well Engineer Development

Event Type
Aimed at
Training Scheme
Self Study, 2 x 5 day classes

Graduate Entry Level Engineer

Welltrain's Well Engineering Competence Development Scheme delivers awareness and knowledge in a broad range of Well Engineering topics as well as developing specific Well Engineering skills.  These are split into two phases


Phase 1

  • Drilling Rigs - Equipment & Operations

  • Well Control Equipment

  • Capital Well Equipment (Casing, Tubing, Wellheads)

  • Drillstring Components

  • Bits, Core Heads, Under-Reamers and Hole Openers

  • Introduction to Tubular Design (Drillstring, Casing and Tubing)

  • Drilling Fluid & Cementing Technology

  • Wellsite Geology & Petrophysics

Phase 2

  • Well Programming (Casing Seat Selection, Drilling Fluid & Cement selection,  Rig Selection)

  • Advanced Casing and Tubing Design

  • Drilling, Coring, Evaluation, Casing and Cementing Operations

  • Stuck Pipe and Fishing

  • Directional Drilling & Surveying

  • Managed Pressure Drilling

  • Critical Well Delivery (HPHT, Narrow Margin, Deepwater)

  • Well Control - Principals and Practises

  • Workover Operations

  • Completion Operations

The course is a blend of self study, classroom and simulator based training.  It can be customised for in-house operating standards as well as focused on land or offshore operations (or both!).

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